Don’t Be The Other Woman

22 Oct

While going through the Ask LSK inbox this weekend, I started to discover a trend.

A lot of women out there are currently victims of infidelity, and I don’t mean as the woman getting cheated on either. I’m talking to the women out there that are on the other side of the affair; the one’s that the husbands and boyfriends sneak around with, the new intern that caught the married boss’ eye, the woman that he promises he will leave his wife for.

That’s right ladies, I’m talking about the other woman.

You might be wondering why I’m calling them victims at all. After all, they’re the home wreckers, right?

While it is true that they are engaging in behavior that is detrimental to relationships and marriages, every one needs to know that they aren’t fully to blame.

This one is for them.

If you’ve kept up with this blog for any amount of time, you can probably tell that cheating isn’t very high up on my list of favorite sins.

But understand that I don’t hate cheaters.

People aren’t perfect, and never will be. I would be foolish to believe that they are.

I do however, hate the act of cheating. It’s just despicable, and honestly a bit gross. The only difference between cheating and torture is that torture breaks people’s minds, while cheating breaks people’s hearts.

Women out there that are tempted to see a man that already has a wife or girlfriend need to know that nothing honorable or good will come out of it.

You aren’t rescuing him from his evil wife.

You aren’t showing him that true love still exists.

You aren’t being a “bad bitch”.

No ladies, the truth is much sadder.

You are breaking up a family.

You are keeping a father out all night, when he should be home reading a bedtime story to his two little boys.

You are making another woman cry herself to sleep, because she can’t understand why her husband doesn’t love her anymore.

These are just a few reasons you should think twice before engaging in adultery.

Think of his girlfriend, who just made him a huge poster highlighting the ten reasons why she loves him.

Think of his wife; the one that he stood with and proclaimed his everlasting love to, for better and for worse, until death do them part.

Think of his little girl, the one he promised to have a tea party with this evening, but forgot about because he was with you.

If you have any heart whatsoever, hopefully these reasons would be enough to make you think twice about cheating. However, not all of us are softhearted. So if you can’t relate to another person’s pain, you need to know the following:

This will not end well for you.

When you engage in a relationship with man that is already committed, you are showing him that you have no sense of morals. I’m not sure if you know this, but men generally don’t marry women that are lacking in the trustworthiness department, so you can kiss the idea of him or anyone else marrying you and living happily ever after goodbye.

Secondly, if he is going to cheat on his wife with you, what is going to keep him from doing the same thing to you in the future? I promise you that if he leaves her for you, he will leave you for someone else.

You’re reputation will be completely ruined. You’ll be labeled a slut and a home wrecker. If you have close friends, you will lose them, and to top it off, even your parents may shun you for awhile. You very well may have to pick up your entire life and move somewhere else and start anew.

The relationship you have with this man will be lackluster at best. You won’t be able to go out to eat together, because he’ll be terrified of getting seen with you. You will spend the majority of your time at your house together, and it will always have to be arranged. There will be no surprise visits, no budding romance, and no promise of a happy ending, because you come second in his mind. You are a chore he has to do, and a mistake he made. He is your world, but you are a footnote in his life.

This is what you don’t see or think about.

While you may see possibilities, attraction, and forbidden love, everyone else see’s a woman coming in between a man and his family.

The saddest part of the story is how it is going to hurt you. Like it or not, you are the real victim here. So please, think twice before you enter a relationship with a man that is already taken.

You’ll only be hurting yourself.

Have a you ever been the other woman? Are you a guy that wants to tell the ladies how we really look at cheating?

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One Response to “Don’t Be The Other Woman”

  1. Rachell May 3, 2013 at 4:31 am #

    Well I have never been on any end of this but once I almost was. There was this guy and I kind of liked him, but before I could actually get close to him he got himself a girlfriend, it was okey we just stayed being friends and nothing more, but one day I was hanging out whit him and I tripped, he caught me and we found ourselfs in a rather intimate moment… I knew that deep down we where attracted to each other but we never really flirted or anything, we pretty much had been keeping it friendly and nothing more.

    That moment whit him holding me so close, looking each other in the eyes, we got caught up in the moment and would have probably kissed if at that moment it hadn’t crossed my mind that his girlfriend would probably be very mad about it if she found out. We were merely centimeters apart, about to kiss, when I though of all the bad things that could come out of that kiss and right then stopped and backed away, I kind of snapped out of a trance or something like that.

    He looked at me surprised at what just happened, but we never had much need for words, he led me go and we silently agreed that it was best that way. His girlfriend never liked me much and always made jealous scenes over me spending time whit him, but he never cheated on her because we always stayed only friends. So we were good friends and she was a crazy jealous girlfriend in the end. He broke up whit her and got himself another girlfriend after some months and well, we are still friends and nothing more, his got his new girlfriend and I have this awesome guy that I kind of am starting to like.

    The thing is that sometimes you may feel like I felt, caught up in the moment, but don’t let that get to you remember that there will be consequences to your actions.

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