What Men Think About Makeup: The Final Word

1 Nov


Have you ever wondered what men think about makeup, or if we even think about it at all?

Well, I promise you: we do.

Most of men don’t know what all goes into makeup application, but like it or not, we still know what looks good to us, and ultimately one of the main reasons women wear makeup is to make themselves more visually appealing to men. After all, men are still purely visual when it comes to initial attraction.

Sure, you may have a great personality, be wildly successful, or be the most fun girl we’ve ever met.

But none of that matters to us if we’re not physically attracted to you first and foremost.

Now, there are a ton of elements that go into a women’s appearance, but today I want to talk about makeup.

What works?

How much is too much?

Should you try to cover, or compliment?

What Works?

Before I get into what you should avoid when it comes to makeup, I’m going to tell you what to shoot for.

When it comes to makeup, try to wear as little as possible.

Ideally, you want to put on just enough to get the desired effect.

Sure, guys want girls to look well put together and sexy, but looking natural is also a big factor for us. We want to know that when we wake up next to you in the morning that we’re not going to freak out because you look like a completely different person. I know that might sound mean and judgmental, but look at it this way:

Ultimately you want whoever you’re with to like you for you, so you shouldn’t try to fool them anyway.

If you’ve got a mole just below your lip, wear it with pride!

Look at it this way, what would you rather happen?

  1. You spend the first couple dates covering up your mole. This is fine until eventually you stay the night with your new boyfriend, and the morning after your makeup has rubbed off. He may not be a complete jerk and tell you to get out or stop talking to you, but I guarantee he’s going to complain to his friends about it.
  2. You meet and date this guy, putting just enough makeup on to accentuate your natural beauty, without ever covering it up. You stay the night with him, and the morning after your makeup has rubbed off. He looks at you, but doesn’t think a thing about the mole, because he likes it, and it’s been visible the entire time.

The best plan for any woman out there when it comes to makeup (or any fashion topic really) is to do what makes you feel comfortable.

That’s what men pick up on, and that’s what we’re attracted to– a woman who is comfortable in her own skin.

How Much is Too Much?

As a rule of thumb, if you’re asking yourself this question, you probably put on too much makeup.

Unless you’re trying to pull a Lady Gaga, or you just love being outlandish, you generally don’t want to gob it on.

Less is more.

Sure, there may be some guys out there that love plastic looking women. That’s fine.

But right now I’m speaking for most of the male population when I say take it easy on the makeup.

For example, the picture to the left shows a woman that has had her makeup done, for I’m assuming modeling (Not putting down models, but this was the best picture I could find in a crunch, so pretend she’s getting ready to go out on a date).

Notice how she just looks fake overall. Her cheeks appear as if she has poured liquid foundation all over them, and her forehead is shiny. This is not how it’s done girls!

Let’s take a look at another example below.



Now look at this in comparison. Notice how she has a natural amount of light reflecting off of her face?

She didn’t go overboard on any part of her makeup, and I bet that she wouldn’t look any different if she didn’t have any makeup on at all.

The difference between the above example and this lovely lady, is that this woman looks natural and comfortable.

If I was going to give you a great example of what to shoot for next time you put on makeup, this would be it.

Should you try to cover, or compliment?

Your goal from now on is to let your natural beauty be seen.

Covering your face is not an option anymore.

When you’re applying that foundation, go for something that compliments your natural beauty.

Instead of reaching for that lipstick, go with gloss instead.

The best way to find a man that is going to be attracted to you day in and day out, is by not trying to look like someone you’re not.

Sure, it may result in less dates and good times in the short run, but isn’t it worth it if you could attract a guy that thinks you’re sexy, rain or shine?

So, stop trying to attract 100% of the males out there. Instead, let your real self shine every once in a while, and go for that 10% that is going to think you’re beautiful regardless.

Because if you’re tired of being used and hurt by men, that 10% is what you need to be aiming for.

I challenge you to let your beautiful face be seen.

Next time you go out, use some of the advice above, and see how much better you feel.

Show me some love below, and let me know what you think.

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5 Responses to “What Men Think About Makeup: The Final Word”

  1. anonymous1 December 31, 2012 at 3:55 pm #

    Picture #1: looks like the girl is just trying to be artistic & is ready for a stage performance, like ice skating or a staged tango dance. Her clothes suggest the same. It does not look like she’s going on a date. She’s not even wearing any lipstick, just light foundation&blush & something artistic on the eyes for her performance.

    Picture #2: has a LOT more makeup than the first picture, and even appears to have been airbrushed. It is ridiculous how you can think it looks more natural, it literally looks like make-up advertisement material; it is the full package. Bronzer to play with the look of the face shape when light reflects it, loads of eyeshadow to play with eye depth…If she were to have no makeup on, the light should reflect MORE off the skin because of oil produced naturally. Foundation powder usually is what tones down the reflected light from the skin because we girls don’t want a shiny T-zone. You guys have no clue (eyeroll)

    • Chris January 5, 2013 at 4:44 pm #

      Alright, I’ll admit the choice in pictures was a bit poor.

      Webmasters are restricted when it comes to copyrights, and sometimes it can make finding decent pictures in a crunch hard.

      The message still stands though.

      Makeup is kind of like a drug. You use it once, and you like how it makes you look. But, after a few more applications, you realize that suddenly you need to use more makeup, because the previous makeup use has clogged your pores, giving rise to pimples and blemishes.

      For example, my younger sister has never been a big makeup user. Today, people look at her and wonder how she has such clear and beautiful skin, and some have even asked her how she does her makeup in order to get that look. When she tells them she doesn’t wear makeup, they don’t understand how she appears to have such flawless skin.

      Men are not “clueless”. We know when we like what we see. Sure, you may have a handful of guys that think strippers and promiscuous women are sexiest things alive, but they’re a minority (and they usually aren’t decent men to begin with).

      This site was made because men are tired of hearing the same old songs women sing about there not being any decent men left, when there are. The problem is that decent men want good women, and the women complaining are usually not showing themselves as such.

      You wouldn’t go to McDonald’s for filet mignon, and good men aren’t going to date trashy women when they’re looking to start a family.

    • Anja October 1, 2013 at 12:31 am #

      Dude! Did you miss the part that said “this is the best picture I could find in a time crunch…, so lets PRETEND she is going on a date!?!?” For real pay attention! Sure okay, but the 2nd chic has natural color pallett and the other is bizarre.

  2. Anon February 18, 2013 at 8:04 pm #

    Neither myself nor any of the other women I know actually get made up/dressed up for men. If men appreciate the cute outfits/good makeup we’ve put together it’s nice and sure, we’re even glad. But they are not the target audience. It’s really self-expression and the opinions we’re actually taking into account are those of other women/gay men.

  3. Anja October 1, 2013 at 12:42 am #

    I need some advice and I didn’t see an article about it on here. So there is this guy at my school that I really like/liked and last year at lunch I would go to the line and he would come shortly after (every day) I would pretend to not notice him coming and he would gently tap the back of my calf to get my attention. We would joke and tease each other and tap each others feet with our feet. I was really thinking he liked me and might ask me out. But now that this year has started it seems like he doesn’t notice me at lunch and we really don’t talk and the other day he was walking down the hall with some other chic. :( is it possible for a guy to lose interest that fast? Was he ever really into me? Is he still? What should I do???

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